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Guillaume Gesquiere


Guillaume Gesquiere was born and grew up in Paris, then spent 8 years in NY and now lives in Miami since 2018.


He is a critically acclaimed composer, whose work has been noted for its seamless blend of melancholia and high sensibility.

Influenced by romantic, contemporary and film composers, Guillaume enjoys creating instants of heightened emotion through compositions that carry both an atmosphere of stillness and meditation.

This sense of musical cinematic purity makes him particularly appreciated by directors such as Peter Lindbergh, Ellen Von Unwerth, Stephen Kidd and Marilou Daube which whom he had the chance to collaborate.

Guillaume came to the world of composition via a somewhat unorthodox route.

With a background in mathematics and musicology, he studied sound engineering and started working as a sound editor & mixer for Cinema, TV channels and Post-Production Studios (Paris Billancourt, Lobster Films, Duran, Canal+, France2). This first accomplishment led him a few years later to create his own consulting company as an IT, Digital Audio Workstations & Computer Music Specialist. He became an AVID Certified Audio & APPLE Technical Expert, taking advantage of his in-depth knowledge of recording equipment, programming and associated technologies .

Concomitantly nurturing his musicianship, Guillaume studied harmony and Jazz piano with former Berklee teacher Bruno Leflanchec, before eventually giving reality to his childhood’s dream by studying 5 years Classical Composition and Orchestration at the very prestigious Juilliard School in New York. 

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