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Samuel Jonckheere


Samuel Jonckheere was born and raised in Bruges.

He studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music - University of Ghent, where he obtained 5 first prizes and a Masters of Arts. His musical abilities cover a large panel of musical genres.


You may see him credited on many albums of various majors like EMI, Universal, Buddha Bar and indies.

Samuel collaborates and works with artists/producers/musicians like: Phil Collins, Deep Purple (Ian Gillan), RedOne (Real Madrid Anthem), Satnam Ramgotra (Hans Zimmer), Tim Simonec (Toy Story), Hossam Ramzy (The last temptation of Christ)


Samuel’s works are used in advertising, music libraries, Radio-TV (i.e. CNN) and in a wide variety of musical projects (i.e. Dubai Fountains).

As composer, conductor and orchestrator he is highly demanded for choir and orchestral productions.

He conducts recording sessions in prestigious Los Angeles studios like: Capitol, East-West, Remote Control Productions (H. Zimmer studios), Sony Studios, Westlake Studios.

Besides his technical savvy, Samuel is also a recording, mixing and mastering engineer. He is specialized in VST-mockup cinematic DAW projects, and has the capacity (network) to deliver ‘the real’ high-budget cinematic music productions.

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